Find out how the Propriosox can help you highten your game!

We are a sports specific company who is introducing
the Propriosox as an Amazing new sports preformance product.

Features and benefits of the Propriosox

Unique Design

The Propriosox has a unique stitching and weave that compresses and triggers your proprioceptive responses when active.

Doctor Accepted

The Propriosox is medically recognized by podiatrists and sports medicine doctors.

Insurance Reimbursment

In some cases this product is covered by your health insurance carrier with a doctors script. Check Canadian Coverage.

Clinical Data

Clinical data to support our claims has been done with a variety of athletes as well as sports.

Improved Balance

They say that balance is the foundation to everything, we agree. We have put this product to the test and it passes every time.

Increased Strength

How would you like some extra explosive strength when you push yourself that extra mile.

Better Agility

The proprioceptors in your foot trigger your brain allowing you to move side to side and up and down much faster.

Increased Speed

Through the compression and simulation of specific tendons in your foot we are able to help you increase your speeds.

Reduced Injuries

The Propriosox has a unique weave that is used to provide extra strength and support to your ankle, reducing ankle injuries.

What athletes are saying

Wow, I can not believe how much these socks have improved my 40 yard sprints.

Sport: Football - Cameron James

I was able to increase my jump by an extra 5" when I was using the Propriosox,
thanks guys, my coach wants them for the rest of the team now.

Sport: Basketball - Wendy Summers

I was able to finally pass my plato for my deadlift best by 20lbs, couldn't believe it.

Sport: Weightlifting -  George Singleton

Our goal is to help as many athletes as we can to be their very best.

Data & Statistics

A quick look at our results based on our studies and athlete`s responses.

The Design

The Propriosox has been developed based on scientific data and information from decades of studies and papers. Through the unique compression of the gogli tendon and your mecanoreceptors in the arch of your foot it is able to stimulate proprioception through your body.

What is Proprioceptors

a sensory receptor that receives stimuli from within the body, especially one that responds to position and movement.

What can Propriosox do for you

It stimulates proprioceptive feedback for all parts of your body. Improves strength, balance, speed, agility, posture, explosiveness and reaction time all of which highten your game as an athlete.


We were able to increase the athletes balance and awareness


We were able to increase the athletes strength in multiple activities and exercises


We were able to increase the athletes side to side and up and down responses as well as reaction time


We were able to increase the athletes explosive speed and endurance

What Coaches are saying

With sports being so competitive today an increase in your competitive edge is important.

Our Pricing Tables

1 Pair


Regular $49.99

  • Color: Grey
  • Available S,M,L,XL
  • Enhance Performance
  • Proprioceptor Stimulant
  • Improve balance, strength, speed, agility and circulation
  • Help reduce ankle injuries

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  • Get Discounted rates
  • Available S,M,L,XL
  • Improve balance, posture, gait and blood circulation
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  • Get Discounted rates
  • Available S,M,L,XL
  • Improve balance, strength, speed, agility, posture and blood circulation
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